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Precision Medicine for Personalized Patient Care

Archway Apothecary

Archway Apothecary was formed in 2013 to serve the compounding needs of physicians and patients throughout Louisiana. Our state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy is PCAB accredited and ISO 9001:2014 certified. We provide high quality, cost effective customize compounded drug formulations of medications that are not available from a pharmaceutical drug company.

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to develop and provide high quality formulations and exceptional customer service to healthcare practitioners and their patients. It is our experienced compounding pharmacists, our compounding process, attention to detail, and quality of the compounding components that continues to make our formulations exceptional. Our experienced compounding pharmacists collaborate with patients and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative solutions for health and wellness success.
Archway_Front of Apothecary

Our Pharmacists & Staff

Kristian Hahn, Pharm. D. continues to research innovative pharmaceutical compounding, always in search of the ideal pharmaceutical products that can be combined or process in a way that best suits the individual needs of each patient. Dr. Hahn truly embodies the pursuit of precision medicine for personalized patient needs. This process may include changing the form of the medication from solid pill to a liquid form, to avoid the use of non-essential ingredients like fillers or stabilizers. A patient may be allergic to other dosage forms or might simply prefer one dosage form over another for convenience. Whatever the requirement, Dr. Hahn is dedicated to providing the highest degree of individualized pharmacy service and expertise.