Compounded Dental Medication
Anyone—ranging from a child receiving a routine exam to an anxious adult undergoing a root canal—can benefit from compounded dental medication. Archway Apothecary’s pharmacists work closely with you, so you can address a wide range of dental needs: bleaching/whitening agents, dry socket mixtures, topical anesthetics, sedatives, oral rinses and many more.

Ease the Anxiety!
Help those who may not respond well to standard medications ease their apprehension about dental appointments by using Archway Apothecary’s compounding solutions.

Unique Dosage Forms
Enhance the acceptability and application of medicine through customized dosage forms. If a patient has a difficult time swallowing capsules, they may respond to receiving medicine through a gel.
If a patient is scared of needles, give them a topical anesthetic instead to allow for painless dental injections.

Flavored Medication
One obvious challenge with dental-­‐related medication is the involvement of the taste buds. Some dental rinses, solutions and gels simply have an unpleasant flavor. Archway Apothecary’s pharmacists can make the taste of medicine more appealing, increasing patient compliance. A bitter pain reliever, for example, can be enhanced with bubble gum flavor to make it taste better.