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Precision Medicine for Personalized Patient Care

  • Opthamological

    Archway Apothecary works closes with trusted ophthalmologists to prevent, detect and treat conditions of the eye....


    Family, Men's Health, Opthalmological, Women's Health,

  • Bioindentical_Hormone

    By working together with Archway Apothecary, your patient will receive the proper hormonal treatment that yields optimal and beneficial results....

    Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

    Bio-Identical Hormone, Men's Health, Women's Health,

  • Pain

    Recover faster Pain, the first symptom often reported by patients, does not have to be a daily symptom—and the side effects commonly associated with commercially-­‐available pain medication can be avoided. Archway Apothecary understands that each patient’s level of pain is...

    Pain management

    Hospice, Pain Management, Sports Medicine,

  • Womenshealth

    We understand that each woman has individual preferences for how she prefers to receive treatment, and we tailor prescriptions to the exact strength required.Are dosage forms are easier to use. Will help you, the trust to provider, to create customizable...

    Women’s Health

    Cosmeceutical, Family, Women's Health,

  • MensHealth

    Archway helps you live stronger Men over 50 are at an increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and depression. Men’s health compounding can assist with these health issues, as well as many others—ranging from decreased libido to andropause. We understand...

    Men’s Health

    Family, Men's Health, Sports Medicine,

  • Cosmeceutical

    As your patients begin to age, the loss of skin elasticity causes visible signs of aging. Archway Apothecary combats this by developing customized “cosmeceutical” solutions for every skin type. Cosmeceuticals deliver cosmetic results by using scientific research and pharmaceutical-­‐grade ingredients...


    Cosmeceutical, Women's Health,

  • Sports

    Fitness programs are specifically designed for the individual. Shouldn’t medicine be customized too? We work closely with both athletes and physicians to develop medicine variations that cater to a specific patient’s body type, resulting in more accurate dosage. Patients don’t...

    Sports Medicine

    Sports Medicine,


    Just as every face has its own distinctive features, every person has his or her own skin type.   While some may be willing to buy commercially-­‐available products, a significant amount of time is required for those treatments to become...



  • A-CatPawLick600

    Archway Apothecary for Feline Medicine We care about happy, healthy cats. “How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven.” —Robert A. Heinlein You can turn to Archway Apothecary for hard-to-find medications, unique, compliance-friendly dosage forms like...


    Animal Medicine,