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Precision Medicine for Personalized Patient Care

Pain management

Recover faster

Pain, the first symptom often reported by patients, does not have to be a daily symptom—and the side effects commonly associated with commercially-­‐available pain medication can be avoided.

Archway Apothecary understands that each patient’s level of pain is different and works diligently with healthcare providers to create made-­‐to-­‐order solutions for pain management.


Alternate Dosage Forms
We provide alternate methods of dosage delivery that provide patients with timely and effortless treatment methods. We are able to develop alternate dosage forms that can bypass the gastrointestinal tract, providing desired results with less GI irritation.


Those that have difficulty swallowing capsules can have their pain medication compounded into a topical gel, cream, foam, or spray that is applied directly to the source of pain and absorbed through the skin.

Because each patient’s pain tolerance is unique, it’s important that the treatment they receive is working as intended.

We have ample experience working with healthcare providers in order to determine the appropriate dosage strength for individual patients, so they can recover faster.