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Precision Medicine for Personalized Patient Care

Precision Medicine for Personalized Care
In our facility, we produce a wide range of unique compounded medications, including:

Compounded Medications Oral Medications Sublingual Medications Topical Medications Suppositories
• Injectable Medications
• Intravenous Drugs
• Intramuscular Drugs
• Subcutaneous
• Preservative-Free Formulations
• Capsuls
• Suspensions
• Solutions
• Sugar-Free Formulations
• Dye-Free Formulations
• Lactose-Free Formulations
• Suspensions
• Troches
• Solutions
• Creams
• Gels
• Inhalations
• Nasal Solutions
• Transdermal
• Rectal Suppositories
• Vaginal Suppositories
• Rectal Enemas
• Vaginal Creams

Monitoring Solutions

Archway is monitoring solution includes devices that continuously measure differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity in the clean room, as well as temperatures of all drugs storage areas, dry heat ovens, incubators and refrigerators. I continuously monitoring differential pressure, a compounding lab staff will quickly alert to possible air contamination. The system includes alarm lighting and sound that will visibly and audibly alert staff if a sensor to text and approaching out of range threshold.
This allows the pharmacy to correct issues before they become problems. And today’s regulatory environment, Archway Apothecary has taken proactive measures to exceed the federal standards and remain an exemplary compounding facility.

High-quality standards

We have an experience facility and staff that can develop and provide a wide range of drug strengths, combinations, dosage delivery forms. In addition, our quality standards in sure that you are receiving products and services that not only meat, but exceed industry standards. We also provide outstanding pharmaceutical knowledge, personalize development services, and customer service. Account compounding expertise and high-quality standards allow us to provide the best service and technology for compounding and our retail pharmacy.